Concrete Liners

Concrete Protective Liners, also termed “Concrete Embedment Liners,” protect concrete from chemicals and provide impervious barriers between concrete and contaminants. The liners are made of HDPE or PP sheeting in varying thickness with protruding studs on one side and a smooth face on the opposite side. The flat side is attached to the formwork before pouring concrete, and the studded side is cast into the concrete, anchoring the sheet. Once the formwork is stripped our trained and certified technicians complete the process by welding and testing the panel connections to create an impermeable barrier to protect the concrete for years to come.

Applications Include

  • Wet-Well Structures
  • Sanitary Sewer Structures
  • Foundation Waterproofing and Protection
  • Containment of Contaminants

Chesapeake Containment Systems, Inc.